Why Selkirk?

We bring over twenty years of experience in leading, speaking, and creating employee engagement modules. What began as a dream to serve and lift others to their fullest potential has now grown into a comprehensive solution for personal and professional success for all our clients.

Potential² (P²) is growing, learning, and adding value to self and others until we are no longer able to take another breath on this earth.

First step is to start leading yourself from right where you are now! Leading yourself means not waiting for someone else to start or do it for you; you are responsible for yourself! Lead yourself into the purpose and P² you deserve, desire, and most importantly, dream about.

Professionals and entrepreneurs achieve success in life by not only facing but finding their unique voice to effectively lead and communicate.  Whether you are communicating or leading in a personal or professional capacity what you say and how you say it depends on the desired outcome; this is where P²  comes in.

P² provides a comprehensive communication leadership program to equip you with the confidence, knowledge, and leadership techniques you need in order to influence the room.

  • 55% of the U.S. working population is not engaged;go through the motions to do what is necessary to receive a paycheck.
  • 16%  are actively disengaged by taking calculated risks, such as stealing from their employer
  • The remaining 29% of the  workforce is ACTIVELY ENGAGED by taking responsibility, ownership, and extending themselves for the greater good.

Today’s business environment changes rapidly, and so do job responsibilities. It is easy to become disengaged in our daily life, personally and professionally. To remain competitive we must continually grow our own skill set and our team. To bring forth healthy personal and professional development  growth we must create honest and harmonious collaboration. This is a learned skill and our mission is to help others obtain value through personal and professional development.

Selkirk Coaching and Training Group empowers individuals and organizations with clarity, vision, and a plan for the future. We bring to the forefront what you no longer see in the mirror every day; we coach you through the process toward renewed vision, mission, and clarity.

We look forward to inspiring and empowering your personal and professional development to keep your team and yourself ACTIVELY ENGAGED.